What does IDYR mean ?

In Berber IDYR means THE LIVING , our logo is a drawing that women of the atlas used to get tattooed on as a symbol of strength and independence, this pretty much sums up our story, values and vision!

We revive the story of Boucherouite and its precious values,
We offer an independent LIFE for rural craftswomen near Casablanca.
We create new LIFE with tons of clean fabric scraps.
We choose LIFE as the name for our brand!


The story of IDYR

The story of Boucherouite, and its values, the stories of these craftswomen, moved the young girls and they decided to take their first step…
One day, the two young girls knocked on the door of Khalti (aunty) Milouda:

  • Chkouuuuuuun (who’s there) ?
  • Hello , can we talk to you for a bit ?
  • Merhba (welcome) ~ come in ! What are you looking for ?
  • We’re looking for craftswomen, we were told that we’d find you here, you’re Khalti (aunty) Milouda right ?
  • Yes that’s me, weaving is my passion, i still weave from time to time, i’m an old lady    and i live on my own, the loom is my only friend
  • we discussed warps and wefts..
  • she laughed and then asked us :  but who still cares about our rugs ?
  • Us ! We responded smiling with excitement

Khalti Milouda is a cheerful and independent woman, her light gray eyes express so much of her kindness, being in her presence is such a pleasure.
We studied the story of Boucherouite, how it was first created, how it was made and why people are no longer interested in it, yet still some people put it on the walls of their luxurious galleries …
Boucherouite in luxurious galleries ? She was surprised.
Yes ! and the older the rug the more value it has.
Oh wow ! So are you looking for old rugs to sell ? Is that right ?
Well no, not exactly ! We are rather looking for independent women like yourself to join us on an adventure like no other.
Iyeeeh (oh yeah ?) ! Tell me more !
Well… you see, we want to revive the art of Boucherouite that us Moroccans have long forgotten, we want to encourage you and several other craftswomen,and share the story of boucherouite with the entire world, we have tons of scraps that we’ve collected from workshops, that we can use to create high quality accessories that will be of use for men and women.
Well if your adventure includes weaving and women working together, I’m in , let’s do it ! Bismillah !

There must be a man in this story right ?

After a few days of work, a first version of our bags was created, the three of us were delighted, but our joy didn’t last long since we quickly realized the amount of improvement that needed to be made.
Meeting Youssef, a young leather craftsman, freshly graduated, changed everything for us, this young entrepreneur was creative and wasn’t afraid to take chances, tackling boucherouite wasn’t going to be a challenge.
For the first time, our dream was acknowledged by a professional, he agreed to join us with no hesitation which led to the birth of our first collection of leather goods <>.

Pour la première fois, les rêves des filles avaient un sens devant un couturier, il a accepté sans hésitation de joindre le groupe, ce fut la naissance de la première collection d’accessoires de maroquinerie « Boucharouette ».

IDYR today ?

Our team has grown, we went from one craftswomen to three to now eleven.
This idea that turned into a project, the way it was brought to life each new member at a time, the stories ,the values that are told through the accessories we make have brought us and these women so much joy and enabled us to help them regain their independence.
Our work gives a new life to what was once considered “waste” and brings back to life an ancient, purely Moroccan and berber culture.
The brand is therefore called THE LIVING in berber “IDYR” our logo is shaped like diamond to symbolize female strength and independence.
IDYR is made up of two young creatives, Khalti Milouda and ten other craftswomen trained by her, a leather craftsman and his team, unique creations, and a happy community…our dream is slowly coming true !
Who are these 2 dreamers ? Who are the 2 young creative ? To be continued…